Above: Datastop™ Glass for Electromagnetic Shielding (EMI/RF), available from Tex Special Projects.

Trading Update

12th December 2018

Tex Holdings plc (‘The Group’) makes this announcement in order to give a trading update for 2018. The Group earnings for second half of the financial year will be lower than those anticipated in the half year statement. The drop in full year earnings has been largely caused by the delay in the shipment of a number of project related items that will now fall into the first half of 2019. Also, additional costs have been incurred by re-organisation within the Board and Panels Division. The Group will as a result be going into the new year with a strong order book, which at this stage augers well for 2019. This announcement is based on information currently available.

2018 Interim Report

The 2018 Interim Report is available here: 2018 Interim Report